The West with its sanctions and the Ukrainians with their bravery have been sending a clear message for weeks: Wars of aggression are expensive and costly in terms of losses. Not only for the victims, but also for the aggressor. This message is important, but not sufficient. In its accentuated form, it must read: Wars of aggression completely ruin the aggressor and lead him to the edge of the political, military, moral and economic abyss – if not one step further. Other autocrats with imperial inclinations should then also take note of this. Only the (imminent) ruin of Russia can end this war and at the same time allow Ukrainians to live a self-determined life. This requires two measures: first, further comprehensive arms deliveries to Ukraine; and second, a complete oil and gas embargo against Russia.

Stefan Schäfer, Prof. Dr., teaches economics, in particular macroeconomics, at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden, Germany