Dear Europe,

We, Ukrainians, really appreciate all your huge help with food, medicines, reception of and accommodation for refugees. We are very grateful for your moral support and concern!

On my own behalf, I express deep gratitude to the people of Germany, Poland, all other countries for the most incredible and humane help to Ukrainians. I would like to thank European universities for giving a possibility for Ukrainians to continue their studies or scientific work.

But we have one more, very important entreaty to the governments of your countries.

Stop financing Russia’s aggression towards Ukrainian people!

Dear politicians and deputies, you have already seen a lot of videos and pictures about how people are living in Ukraine now. There is no normal life. There are cellars, shelling, “arrivals” of artillery shells, mass graves. Cities are being wiped off the face of the earth. This is the actual life of the nation on whose lands an anti-democratic aggressor has come.

Every time when you, Europe, pay the Russians for gas, oil, or anything else, – you are financing a war, you are financing Russia’s aggression towards Ukrainian lands and Ukrainian people.

Stop it, please. After all, this is financing not only for murders, but also for Russian attacks on the European values of freedom and democracy.

Dear Europe, we will be very grateful to you, and we promise not to let the Nazis go further. But you just … stop paying them.

Galyna Nesterenko, doctor of philosophical sciences, professor of innovations and informational activity in education (Kyiv, Ukraine)