Dear Europeans,

I want to express my deep gratitude for the fact that you are helping the Ukrainian people in their liberation war against Russian aggression. You are helping us in many ways at the moment, providing shelter, humanitarian aid and moral support.

I am sure that most of you are against the war, and thousands of people who are demonstrating in your cities are talking about it. And this is very important for the Ukrainian people, who continue to fight for their independence.

You are well aware of the high price we must pay for this. Our cities are being destroyed, thousands of people are dying, including civilians, women and children. You know this and see photos and videos that tell about the many horrors of war.

However, we have one more very important request to respected politicians and public figures – stop supporting the Russian economy by buying their oil, gas or something else. Please stop funding killing machines!

Prof. Dr Tetiana Vilchyk holds the Chair of Lawyers’ Law at the Law University named Yaroslav the Wise in Kharkiv.