Stop the war criminals! Putin understanders finally wake up!


Stop the war criminals! Putin understanders finally wake up! War criminal Putin is merciless and operates with threats and blackmail.

The immediate stop of energy deliveries is possible, even if it means drastic measures. Putin himself threatens to do so.

We must not allow decision-making processes to be imposed on us. We are financing his destructive war policy. At the same time, we are letting Ukraine down with hesitant and cautious weapons deliveries. Thus, we end up being willing indirect supporters of Putin’s war of aggression.

Therefore, immediate stop of all energy deliveries from Russia. For too long we have let the brutal autocrat have his way. Putin understands only the language of resolute action.

War criminals do not deserve a « face-saving retreat », but should be brought before an international war crimes tribunal.

We must act immediately and not only when Putin is standing in front of our door with his tanks and Stalin’s organs.

Slava Ukraine.

Prof. em. Dr. iur. Bernd Richter was Professor of Corporate and Capital Market Law at RheinMain University.