For a better future: Create a peaceful and sustainable EU. Now!


Producers and consumers have to change their expectations about growth, product usage, and energy consumption. No one can predict the outcome of this war.

But anyway: It’s unacceptable to use “special operations” and energy products as a vehicle of extortion.

Looking back many EU countries did not change trade relations a lot.

Despite the annexation of the Crimea leading politicians supported the Nordstream 2 project. Sustainable energy had been pushed.

But honestly, we must say: The speed and money involved were too low.

Huge upstream energy companies are privately owned in most EU countries. Some like Eni S.p.A have a significant public investor.

They have been criticized for that anachronism by financial analysts. Maybe this is going to change now.

For the time being, we have to learn from our grandparents: to live in rooms with a maximum temperature of 17 C, without cars and so an.

Let’s take a step back and help avoid funding wars. Peace is more important than luxury.

Prof. Dr. Frank Görgen teaches Marketing at the Wiesbaden Business School, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences.