Play fair game


The war in Ukraine proves once more that politics is a dirty game.

Maybe it was not one to begin with, but now it is a dirty game for sure.

It is difficult to hide anything in the 21st century. What we are seeing today, to put it frankly, is a strange situation.

On the one hand, we see support for Ukraine in Europe, but on the other hand, we see trade, namely fossil fuel purchases, continuing.

Talk and other reverences also go on, while Russia, the occupier and aggressor, is threatening the lives and livelihoods of people in Ukraine and beyond.

Why is this happening? Maybe because the civilized world did not take appropriate steps when Russia attacked my country, Georgia, in 2008 (this being the date of only the latest attack)?.

I definitely think so, but this is not the only reason.

I think the civilized world takes too many rational considerations into account in their decision making which makes us, neighboring countries next to Russia, suffer.

Guys, take a clear stand, stop the reverences and money games and start real action to stop feeding the monster next to us.


Alex Chikovani, is a Brand Strategist and the founder of LIVE Branding LLC, Tbilisi, Georgia. As an Associate Professor at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, he teaches strategic branding since 2007.